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Daily service is available from New York to many great destinations in Pennsylvania. We also offer single or multiday tours to many great cities in the United States. Martz is your ticket to lasting memories!

Terminal Hours

Martz LocationsDays of the WeekTicket Hours
Mount PoconoM-F3:35am-7:20pm
Mount PoconoWeekends7:35am-7:20pm
Stroudsburg DWGWeekdays3:45am-7:45pm
East Stroudsburg PNRClosed until further notice
Agencies for MartzDays of the WeekTicket Hours
NY Port South Wing (Trailways)Daily8:00am-6:00pm
Allentown Bus TerminalWeekdays5:00am-7:50am and 3:00pm-5:10pm
Allentown Bus TerminalSaturday & Sunday3pm-5:10pm
Amtrak 30th Street StationDaily6:30am-9:00pm
Greyhound Philadelphia 10th & Filbert StreetDaily5:00am-2:00am

Weekday Schedule

Weekday Schedule to NYC Port Authority as of 10/01/22:

387    3:00am3:30am 5:00am
3413:40am    4:00am 5:15am
333     4:15am 5:20am
365    4:00am4:30am 5:50am
1534:25am    4:45am5:05am6:05am
339    4:30am4:55am 6:20am
165     5:05am 6:35am
151     5:20am 6:50am
103 3:50am3:55am4:20am5:10am5:35am6:05am7:05am
101    5:40am6:05am 7:35am
323 4:45am4:50am5:20am 6:20am 7:50am
193    6:00am6:30am 8:00am
343    7:45am8:10am 9:45am
115 6:45am 7:20am8:00am8:25am 10:05am
113 7:20am7:30am  8:30am 10:00am
329((11:10am Aquatopia 11:25 Great Wolf, 11:40 Kalahari))12pm12:30pm 2:00pm
121 12:30pm 1:05pm1:45pm2:20pm 3:45pm
127((3:10p Aquatopia 3:25 Great Wolf, 3:40 Kalahari))4:00pm4:30pm 6:30pm
131 6:05pm 6:40pm7:20pm7:45pm 9:05pm

Saturday Schedule

Saturdays to NYC:

345   4:00am4:25am5:45am
1034:10am 4:45am5:25am5:55am7:10am
1156:45am 7:20am8:00am8:30am10:00am
1137:20am7:30am  8:35am10:05am
359(AQA 11:40a, GW 11:55am, KAL 12:10pm)12:30pm12:55pm2:25pm
12112:30pm 1:05pm1:45pm2:20pm3:45pm
1316:05pm 6:40pm7:20pm7:45pm9:05pm

Sunday Schedule

Sundays to NYC:

1034:10am 4:45am5:25am5:55am7:10am
359(AQA 11:40a, GW 11:55am, KAL 12:10pm)12:30pm12:55pm2:25pm
1272:50pm 3:25pm4:05pm4:30pm6:30pm
1316:05pm 6:40pm7:20pm7:45pm9:05pm

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Loyalty earns savings

Martz Rewardz™ is a new reward program offered by the Martz Group where your loyalty is rewarded with points to be redeemed for your future Martz® travel.

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend and use with the Martz Group!



Looking to enjoy the city for the day or for a weekend trip? Martz provides daily departures to New York City and Philadelphia and offers special fares to accommodate your traveling needs.


Riding the bus to New York City is easy with Martz. With daily departures, Monday through Friday, from multiple locations and a  variety of commuter ticket packages, we make your commute as easy as 1-2-3.


Martz Trailways of Wilkes-Barre offers charter services, preformed excursions, retail packages, custom packages, and individual Broadway ticket sales for a variety of schools and universities, groups, and teams, as well as individuals.


In 2021 we look forward to offering a variety of tours to destinations such as the Philadelphia Flower Show and beach trips to Ocean City, Maryland and Wildwood, NJ. Please visit our tours page to see all the exciting trips we have to offer!