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At Martz, “going green” is much more than just a concept. As a transportation company serving people in communities along the East Coast, Martz is totally committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible — and helping to preserve our environment for generations to come. We’re proud of the following achievements, and rest assured, we’ll continue to seek ways to go even greener.

  • Upgraded our coaches with newer, more fuel-efficient and cleaner-burning engines.
  • Train drivers in safer, more fuel-efficient driving habits.
  • Review and adjust schedules to maximize ridership and minimize the number of vehicles on the road daily.
  • Set speed limit on coaches at 65 mph with monitoring and alerts.
  • Minimize coach idling through computerized monitoring/alerts and shutdown settings.
  • Equip coaches with pre-heaters for reduced idling in cold weather.
  • Use clean fuels.
  • Use high-quality motor oil, which reduces friction and wear on internal parts.
  • Analyze oil with a state-of-the-art emission control system.
  • Run high-mileage, low-friction tires, which we regularly balance and monitor with a high-tech system to ensure proper air inflation — all combining to
    prolong tire life and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Clean coaches daily, which decreases drag from dirt and grime and reduces fuel consumption.


  • Recycle tire casings to dealer for capping for other users.
  • Reuse waste oil, transmission and differential fluids and accept waste oil from employees to heat our shop.
  • Recycle used oil filters.
  • Recycle cleaning solutions.
  • Use waste oil separators on shop discharge water and clean regularly.
  • Recycle all scrap metal.
  • Recycle outdated computer equipment.
  • Shred outdated documents.
  • Recycle cardboard boxes from parts receiving.
  • Separate and recycle glass and plastic in our office and from our coaches.
  • Use waterless urinals in our shops.
  • Use environmentally friendly peroxide cleaners for coach interiors.
  • Exchange coach batteries for casing credits on new purchases.

Shop and Offices

  • Perform semi-annual maintenance on all HVAC units.
  • Replaced metal and plastic garage doors with lightweight, well-insulated doors.
  • Scrub floors in shop with enzymes, not harsh chemicals, to break down oil.
  • Wash and dry coach-cleaning rags in house, reducing paper usage.
  • Use energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting with motion detectors in shop, offices and storage areas.
  • Use photocells and timers on shop and washbay doors.
  • Use lock boxes on all thermostats.