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Benefits of Commuting

  • Save money on owning and maintaining a car
  • Save stress by not having to deal with traffic
  • Get work done on the commute
  • Environmentally friendly!

Fare types:

  • 10 Trip: Good for 31 days
  • Weekly: Good for 11 days
  • 12 Trip: Good for 31 days
  • 40 Trip: Good for 45 days

All tickets are good in either direction. 

Commuter Packages to NYC

Our commuter packages offer significant savings over the cost of a one-way ticket. Click below to learn more!

Departing From:10 TripWeekly12 Pack40 Trip
Mt. Pocono, PA$268.99$231.99$285.99$771.99
Panther Valley, NJ$226.99$198.80$252.99$677.99
Stroudsburg, PA$249.99$219.99$269.99$739.99
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA$326.99$286.99$349.99$834.99

10 Trip:
Good for 31 days, Weekly: Good for 11 days, 12 Trip: Good for 31 days,
40 Trip: Good for 45 days



    What are the benefits of commuting with Martz?

    Cost Savings – on fuel and parking alone, you can save up to $4,000 or more annually using Martz Commuter services.  You save much more when you include other related costs.

    Relaxation– many commuters enjoy the extra rest during the commute.   Using this time to recharge provides you with more time to enjoy quality time with family, friends and loved-ones to lead your best life.

    Productivity – you will have the opportunity to make the most of your time by catching up on work, social media, reading, listening to podcasts, mediate or listen to music using your headphones … the choices are endless.  Martz coaches are equipped with power sources to keep your devices charged.  Wifi is not currently available.

    Environment – for every gallon of regular gas your vehicle consumes, it is estimated 19.42 pounds of carbon Dioxide (CO2) are emitted into the atmosphere.  Using Martz commuter services significantly reduces emissions and helps to save our planet.

    Can I share my commuter passes?

    No, commuter discounts are available for individual travelers only.


    Do you accept Pre-Tax Debit Cards?

    Yes, Martz accepts tax benefit cards for tickets.  We do not accept these for parking fees.

    Are child, student, senior, or military discounts available?

    All of these discounts may be purchased at our full service terminals, ID may be required.

    Why do Commuter packages have an expiration date?

    The commitment to travel ten or more times within the timeframe, allows us to bundle the service providing you with tremendous cost savings compared to full fares.  Our most popular commuter packages include:

    Ten Trip – 5 round trips valid to use within 31 days.  This is a great option for the 1-2 day a week telecommuter.  Weekend travelers may want to consider this package which offers the best value even when only 8 of the 10 trips available when compared to the full fare options.

    Weekly Saver – also 5 round trips valid to use within 11 days.  Perfect for the 3-5 day a week commuter, offering a better per trip rate than the Ten Trip due to the commitment to travel more within a shorter period of time.

    Twelve Pack – 6 round trips valid to use within 31 days is ideal for the 2-3 day a week telecommuter.

    40 Trip Monthly – BEST VALUE for the 4-5 day a week commuter, 20 round trips valid to use within 45 days.



    Do I need to print my boarding pass for travel?

    Your ticket can be scanned from the printed form, smartphone, and/or tablet.

    If you choose the “E-mail to Mobile” option, this must be done for each individual boarding pass

    How to I receive a Pre-Tax Debit Card?

    Employees enrolled in a pre-tax commuter benefits program, provide the amount of their monthly commuting cost for transit up to the maximum $270 per month and receive a debit card to use during Martz ticket purchases (parking excluded).

    Martz Commuters save an average of $700, annually, by using this pre-tax deduction program.  In addition, our employer can save up to 7.65% on average, on payroll taxes. The more employees that enroll, the greater the savings for your company!  Visit to learn more.

    How do I find out about weather cancellations and delays?

    Sign up for Martz Alerts, available to be sent to your phone through text or email, or both!  Martz will update you with any last minute changes.